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Ok, I got it
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Intra si dai un punct plz!
Intrati chiar acum!!! Se restarteaza serverul ro7!!!! Poti sa o iei de la cap si sa ii intreci pe toti!!!!!!!!!!!
Cel mai apreciat joc in Romania!!!
Inregistreaza-te acum si promit ca te voi ajuta sa te dezvolti!!!! Detalii la Id-ul de mess danybarbu_barbu!!!!!!! daca esti bun poate te bag la mine in alianta!!!!!!!!!!
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381 hits
Register and play( It's that simple)!!!
381 hits
Try a new gaming experience!!!!
381 hits
381 hits
381 hits
Votat drept cel mai bun joc online in Romania!!!!!
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Meter Started: Sep 8, 2008
Play the coolest game ever!!!!
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